7 Tips for Great eCommerce Website Design

There are number of key elements of web designing that you should consider when designing a new ecommerce website.  By taking the time to create a clean ecommerce website design you can significantly improve the visitors interaction on your website and thus lead to more conversions and sales.

The following are some tips for eCommerce Website Designs:-

User Experience Design:- User experience design has become the cornerstone of e-commerce websites. In addition to having a unique and comprehensive product line, websites must have a high level of usability as well. Choose a design that is ‘lightweight’ and clean as well.

Complete Product Details:- Complete product detail is one of the major parts to design on ecommerece websites. Users always want detailed product information so try to give detailed information to the user.

High Quality Product Images:-  Unprofessional and low resolution images reduce the performance of your ecommerce website, so make sure that written content and images are of high-quality especially the images of what they are about to buy.

Avoid flashy and unnecessary elements:-  Anything that distracts your visitors from the main purpose should be eliminated. Only use background music, flash animations, and other gadgets if they support your content.

Payment Options:- Designers can use different payment options available in order to recommend the best plugin or extension for integrating the Payment Gateway to the e-commerce website, e.g. for Paypal, Amazon, eBay Payments etc.

Easy Navigation and Product Focused Website Design:-  Navigation should be easy and simple to use. Maintain the same colours, font-sizes and general layout in order to continue building trust your brand among website visitors. Products should be well-organised with logical categories and an effective search feature helps customers find exactly what they need using search terms.

Make it accessible across all devices:-  Your website should display properly across all devices because people use tablets and smartphones as well. Your website should also look perfect on different browsers.