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Search Engine Optimisation

Increase Rankings

Get your business seen on a google search. Its where your potential customers source information.

Website Content

Tell us briefly what you do and our copy writers will write all the pages for you. Its painless.

Optimised Code

We will ensure your website code is optimised and search engines can read it easily.

Bad Link Removal

Non relevant links will hurt your ranking. We will check your site and remove any bad ones.

All Budgets

Tell us where you are comfortable and we will work around it.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The way people look for goods and services has moved online and SEO is the key web marketing tool. SEO finds the search terms your customers are using to look for providers and suppliers, then embeds keywords into the website. This makes sure that you are seen when your potential customers use Google or Bing.

SEO Example

Organic Search Results

These are the sites that google returns as the results of a search. This process is based on over 200 factors that the search engine will assess almost instantly. The better your google ranking the more visible you will be. Top results can be found just below the paid ads as our graphic shows.

SEO Packages

Talking to you and finding out as much as we can helps us establish the best way forward for your SEO. We will carry out research into the keywords that most strongly relate to your area or business, and the search terms customers already use, and then target either a London or a national customer base.

Complete Web Marketing

We offer a full package to most effectively market your company online. In addition to SEO we use PCC (Pay per Click), social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, and images, such as Whiteboard video to turn rankings into clicks, and into sales.

SEO Rankings & Reporting

We work hand in hand with google and Bing to deliver improvements in ranking for your website – that means white hat (Google approved) techniques only.

Our SEO team closely follow the way Google algorithms rank websites and then use organic techniques based on best practice to maximise their outcomes for your site. This means making sure your website has a good structure to begin with, and then using ongoing SEO to boost potential search returns.

Our SEO packages allow us to monitor your keywords and search terms to ensure they remain relevant, and to monitor to any changes in the algorithm – SEO is always an ongoing process that requires an adaptable approach.

Are You Ready To Be Noticed Online?

Whatever your online requirements are we can tailor a solution to fit your needs and budget. So don’t delay contact us today to arrange a face to face meeting for your website design quotes in Edgware, Harrow, London and surrounding areas.