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Pay Per Click

Campaign Setup

One of the most important steps – let us set you up with campaign that will increase conversions and maximise your budget.

Target Driven

We build campaigns to target your customers search terms, as well as the time of day they searching.

Analytical Reports

We regularly review your PPC campaign using detailed reports and will then adjust accordingly if needed.

Compliments SEO

Running a PPC and SEO strategy together will increase your customer reach and increase conversions.

All Budgets

Tell us where you are comfortable and we will work around it.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is a very effective way of advertising your business online. By choosing key search terms and creating unique adverts your listing will show either above the organic search results or to the side (as can be seen in the graphic). You are only charged when someone clicks on your advert.

PPC Example

PPC Strategy

Your PPC strategy needs to be informed by your target market and how they search for products and services. We carry out research so we can build the most effective strategy for your business and make the most of your monthly outlay.

Re Marketing

This uses the ability of the internet to identify and hold on to potential buyers by targeting PPC users with your ad for a set amount of time. Proven highly effective in driving return traffic to your site.

Full Flexibility

PPC gives you more control over your placement and spend than any other marketing tool – we can use data to improve where and when your ads are placed in real time, or target a specific area such as London for a real-world event, and if you ever have too much on and need to pause, that can be done too.

PPC Rankings & Reporting

There are three key indicators for the efficiency and effectiveness of your PPC campaign and these are what we keep an eye on to make sure you’re getting the best value for money. We use the array of data and reporting available to us to monitor:

Advert Average Position: we aim to have your advert in the top 3 and can adjust the budget allocated to ensure an optimal ranking.

CTR (Click Through Rate): this figure shows the ratio of how many times the ad was shown (Impressions) to clicks. Get in touch to find out more about what your ideal CTR should be.

CPC (Cost per Click) all this information will generate a figure known as CPC – a direct way of finding out how much you are paying for every click and a useful indicator for your campaign strategy.

Are You Ready To Be Noticed Online?

Whatever your online requirements are we can tailor a solution to fit your needs and budget. So don’t delay contact us today to arrange a face to face meeting for your website design quotes in Edgware, Harrow, London and surrounding areas.