Disappointed with an app rejection? Get a step closer to having your app successfully approved.

There are some common issues that can cause rejection of your app from the app store. Different app stores come with different guidelines which are very specific. These guidelines can be related to content, technical and design criteria. Here are some of the most common issues to help you better prepare your apps before submission:

1) App Crashes & Bugs:- You should not submit your app before checking for bugs & crashes. If there are bugs in the apps the review team of app store will definitely reject your app.

2) Missing meta-data :- If there is missing meta data and you are not providing relevant information, or the information is incorrect, then there is a chance that your app will be rejected. Always check that your information & links are working properly otherwise it will be rejected.

3) Placeholder Content & images:- Any app that contains the information and images of any placeholder will rejected. Finalise all images & text before sending for approval.

4) Functionality is against app guidelines:- Make sure that the app you are going to submit follows the guidelines of the app store. Don’t use functionality which is not approved by app store and if it doesn’t adhere to the guidelines you should fix it.

5) Missing Privacy Policy & demo accounts:- If you have provided a registration functionality in your app then you should provide a privacy policy & working demo accounts.

6) The app configuration (.plist) file is not specifying correct background functionality:- When your app is in proper background mode then make sure that .plist file contain the right information. The App store team pays more attention to background tasks.

7) Dummy data still in the app:- Remove all the dummy data, broken or dead links while submitting your app for approval.