Things you need to know about Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is an approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Most searches are now through smartphones / tablets and if the user cannot see your site comfortably, they will move onto one that does.

More than just mobile web design:-

While responsive design is a great technique for rendering content on mobile devices, there are more benefits.

Responsive web designs can save your money

All of us think that web design companies charge more for responsive web designs. Put simply, they take more time to build but you don’t need to build a separate design for tablets and mobiles so you could say that would save you money too.You only need to maintain one website for all devices, so maintenance cost will be reduced.

Good responsive design starts with a grid

The concept of a fluid grid, is relatively new. The best responsive projects include a fluid grid. The site can scale proportionately based on percentages or be built based on a number of grid stops. Fluid breakpoints is another option that has gained popularity in the recent past.

Responsive web design is good for SEO

Responsive design helps in search engine optimisation. Having a single website destination with a standard set of languages, metadata, and keywords help you in SEO. One of the major advantages is that for analytics and data collection, you do not need to track multiple URLs and redirects to main site or URL.

It will lower your bounce rate

If your site is not responsive and visitors are trying to browse on tablet or smartphones, it will increase bounce rate. So by building a responsive website, you can ensure that your web design is suitable for all devices and therefore stand the best chance for keeping the visitors for longer time.

Responsive web designs can adapt to future devices

Responsive web design help you to design a website that you can view on any device no matter what is the screen size of particular device, it will be compatible and well optimised.